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Product Care

What are the use & care instructions for Bed sets, Wall Units, Shoe Racks, Book Cases & other Panel board, solid wood?
Dismantle the furniture before shifting it from one place to another, with ikian furniture pvt ltd authorized personnel only.
Do not drag or push furniture while shifting within the house or in a room.
Avoid keeping furniture in high humidity, high moisture areas, directly in front of heat source like air conditioning vents, direct sunlight /or stove / iron box / heaters etc.
Liquid spills, if not wiped immediately, will get absorbed & may cause damage to product.
Dust furniture with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth or use moist cloth if needed. Do not leave furniture wet after cleaning.
To avoid creation of marks on furniture by accessories, place a piece of cloth or any soft material under accessories.
Do not keep naphthalene balls directly on the product.
Rotate mattress every 3 months to avoid load on any given point for long durations.

What are the use & care instructions for Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Center Tables, Side Tables?
Chairs should be lifted from seat flange & not from arms or top. Do not use chairs for climbing/support stool.
Use Tablecloth & tablemats for more protection from scratching of glass/wooden top during regular use of dinning table.
Use trivets when placing hot utensils on tabletops. Clean the glass with mild detergent & lint free cloth.
Use dry cloth to clean dust on non-glass surface like metal, wood.
While shifting dinning table/center table, don't lift it from table top. Do not drag dinning tables, please lift these from the base & shift

What are the use & care instructions for Sofa sets?
Minimum 2 people should lift any sofa & it should be lifted from its base & should not be dragged from arm or any other part. Arm stitching will tear if the sofa is dragged/pushed from the arms.
In case of wooden sofas also do not push or pull especially from the front lower panel.
For cleaning stains on fabric sofas, use professional service or reputed upholstery cleaners. For leather sofas use leather cleaner (Read the instruction on "cleaner" bottles & test on small area before applying to entire product)
For regular cleaning of fabric sofas, vacuum clean or brush upholstery to prevent accumulation of dust & dirt.
Dust leather sofas/PVC sofas with a clean Lint free, dry cloth once a week.
Avoid keeping sofas under direct sunlight as it can cause fiber degeneration & fading of fabric.
Avoid keeping sofas in high humidity, high moisture areas & in front of direct heat source like heating or air conditioning vents. Do not climb on sofas.