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About Us

Forzza, or strength in Italian, is a word that can aptly be used to describe the furniture we offer. Forzza is a brand that is strong in multiple dimensions. This includes quality, durability and diversity of products in addition to paramount service and customer care. We strive to get even stronger in order to maintain our commitment in remaining a top lifestyle solutions provider.

Our exceedingly diverse range of furniture and accessories has continually been successful in shaping the profiles of homes,offices,hotels ,restaurants and more.
In order to provide strength and utmost quality in our products, we source from the best facilities in Europe and Asia as well as manufacture certain products in our state of the art facility in Bangalore.
We rely on a highly committed and talented team of people who meet all out customer’s needs with passion and dedication. Through them we aspire to provide our customers with immense quality products along with excellent services.